Murphy’s Lore, Dear Cthulhu, Mystic Investigators and all related characters are copyright and TM Patrick Thomas. All rights reserved. Patrick Thomas is the author of more than 150 short stories and 20+ books. The popular fantasy humor series MURPHY'S LORE™ chronicles the adventures of bartender John Murphy and the staff and patrons of Bulfinche’s Pub and includes the novels REDEMPTION ROAD which tells the tale of the norse trickster Loki and Murphy on a road trip through the otherworlds; SHADOW OF THE WOLF, a werewolf's quest to discover the roots of his power and save his family from a rogue Federal agent; FOOLS' DAY, the story of several tricksters in Bulfinche's Pub on an April Fools' Day gone bad. There are also three collections are TALES FROM BULFINCHE'S PUB, THROUGH THE DRINKING GLASS, and BARTENDER OF THE GODS. MURPHY'S LORE AFTER HOURS™ feature the patrons of Bulfinche’s Pub in their own adventures. NIGHTCAPS is the first collection. In EMPTY GRAVES the gang face off against zombies of all kinds. FAIRY WITH A GUN™ is the collected NYC adventures of Terrorbelle™. DEAD TO RITES is the collected Department of Mystic Affairs Casefiles of Agent Karver™. They have also been two limited edition books HEXCRAFT™: CURSE THE NIGHT and SOUL FOR HIRE™: THREE SHOTS TO THE HEART. The MYSTIC INVESTAGATORS™ series includes MYSTIC INVESTAGATORS, BULLETS AND BRIMSTONE, ONCE MORE UPON A TIME, and the upcoming FROM THE SHADOWS and PARTNERS IN CRIME Patrick writes the satirical advice column DEAR CTHULHU™ which is carried in many magazines and has been collected into DEAR CTHULHU™: HAVE A DARK DAY and DEAR CTHULHU™: GOOD ADVICE FOR BAD PEOPLE. Patrick Thomas’ books have appeared on CSI and are part of the set and props department of this utterly fantastic television show.   He co-created the YA fantasy series THE WILDSIDHE CHRONICLES™ and wrote two of the first six books in the series-Book 1: WELCOME TO THE WILDSIDHE and Book 2: DOUBLE CROSS.  His three other published books include the science fiction space epic EXILE AND ENTRANCE.        Patrick was an editor for the nationally distributed science fiction/fantasy magazine FANTASTIC STORIES OF THE IMAGINATION and co-edited HEAR THEM ROAR and NEW BLOOD. Some of the magazines his work has appeared in include DIG THIS REAL, CTHULHU SEX, DREAMS OF DECADENCE, PIRATE WRITINGS, TALES OF THE TALISMAN, SPACE & TIME, COSMIC SF, Nth DEGREE, BLOOD MOON RISING, WEREWOLF MAGAZINE, PADWOLF PRESENTS, and FANTASTIC. His stories have sold to many anthologies including SAILS AND SORCERY, BETWEEN THE STORIES, BAD-ASS FAERIES, BAD-ASS FAERIES 3: IN ALL THEIR GLORY, SO IT BEGINS, BREACH THE HULL, DRAGON’S LURE, THE DEAD WALK AGAIN, CTHULHU UNBOUND 2, SPACE HORRORS, HARDBOILED CTHULHU, BAD COP NO DONUT, BARBARIANS AT THE JUMPGATE, WARFEAR, THE 2ND COMING, JIGSAW NATION, TIME CAPSULE, CLASH OF STEEL 3: DEMON,  CRYPTO-CRITTERS 1 & 2, LAI WAN: TALES OF THE DREAM WALKER, THE DNA HELIX, DARK FURIES. His novellas have appeared in FLESH & IRON and GO NOT GENTLY. Patrick’s art has graced the covers of books from Dark Quest books, Marietta, and Padwolf Publishing. He has done illustrations and a cover for Space & Time magaine and covers for Ghostman comics.