Walk These Mean Streets For A Spell PATRICK THOMAS   JOHN L. FRENCH DIANE RAETZ Available at bookstores and WWW.DARKQUESTBOOKS.COM coming 2012 click for details coming 2012 TM click for details click for details TM
“Every story in Mystic Investigators is a good read.... You will enjoy this volume as much as I do and I strongly suggest you pick it up.”  -Sam Tomaino, SFRevu “If paranormal that mocks the darkness is your cup of tea, check this out...  it’s a great stand-alone read.” -Wendy S. Delmater, Abyss & Apex “Get your own copy of Mystic Investigators & savor it slowly, like hot chocolate on a dark & stormy night,” -Ida Vega-Landow, The Journal of the Lincoln Heights Literary Society "Thomas’ talent with words makes every story engaging. The characters resonate well, and you won’t be able to stop yourself for looking for other adventures they have."  -Luke Forney, Luke Reviews Murphy’s Lore, Dear Cthulhu, Mystic Investigators, Terrorbelle, Fairy With A Gun, Swords of the Daemor, Nemesis & Co., DMA, Agent Karver, Hell’s Detective, The Infinite jester, Graveyard Angel, Hexcraft, Crimson Midnights, Startenders, The Mystacuast, Soul For Hire, Bulfinche’s Pub, Murphy’s Lore After Hours and all related characters are copyright and TM Patrick Thomas. All rights reserved.